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Project management

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Project management

From the design table to the execution. HCI likes to reflect together with you. Thanks to our many years of experience as an industrial services company, we are a valuable discussion partner to our client.


It is advisable to already call in an expert in the preparatory phase, someone who thinks along with you about the maintenance of your new, yet to be developed, machines. During the design phase, we can already take efficient maintenance into account. It is HCI’s pleasure to assist you with advice and specific help.

Shut Down Management

HCI is renowned for the execution of complex turnarounds of factories in the (petro) chemical sector.

Project team

Prior to the project, HCI brings together a project team. This project team is in charge of the following:

  • To map all possible works together with the client,
  • Prepare all disciplines in either HCI’s or the client’s system
  • Continuous reporting of the preparations (start-up phase)
  • Reporting during the works (during turnaround).

Single point of contact

HCI can coordinate and manage various projects in-company so that you only have one point of contact. This also ensures that all tasks are performed by professionals. In addition to our specialisations industrial cleaning and catalyst handling we also coordinate the management of the following disciplines:

  • Mounting
  • Scaffolding
  • Insulation works
  • Hoisting

Want to know more about HCI project management?

Would you like to know what we can offer in the field of advice and shut down management? Are you looking for a solution for a specific problem? Or would you like to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities for your organization? Please do not hesitate and contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.