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Special products

Special products

The SIR certified employees of HCI work daily on the design, construction and installation of tailor-made performance increasing cleaning systems. Thanks to our many years of experience and by listening carefully to you, our client, we are still one step ahead of the future.

Recent HCI developments

  • Automation high pressure
    • Bumblebee : stove cleaning * Dragonfly : blind spot cleaning * Transportation mechanism HD all diameters
  • Blow-out systems gas pipelines
    For dry cleaning of -among others- big diameter gas pipelines
  • Non-Entry tank cleaning systems Cleaning by means of machines and systems.
  • Cooling section cleaning Restore cooling sections to their initial level of capacity.
  • Washing machine Raschig ringen
    Cleaning of fillings: bring clean raschig rings clean back in the tower or offer make them clean so they are ready clean for waste treatment (= lower treatment cost)
  • Cutting machines water jet cutting.

Want to know more about the HCI special products?

Are you looking for a tailor-made performance increasing cleaning system by HCI? Please do not hesitate and contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.